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A couple of years ago my late Granny, Nancy, came to live in a nursing home near to us.

A potter and painter into her 80's she gave me a huge amount of encouragement and is one my greatest artistic inspirations. 

Over the next two years she developed Altzheimers, which sometimes left her lost and confused.

I created this piece whilst processing what it must feel like not to know where you are in time and the sadness and distress it brings to a person. 

As Nancy grew up on the East Coast of Norfolk the choice of Edwardian Great Yarmouth seemed apt, the childhood toy from the 1950's when she had her children and a lamplight contemporary to her Granddaughter and Great-grand children. 

The picture was sold in Leamington Museum and Art Gallery. 

The postcard from which the picture gets its title was from a man to his sister, talking about their mother, who had received a scarf for her birthday but she had seemingly failed to write and thank the sender for it. 

He writes "she says she did (thank her) but forgets so much"

I guess you might wonder why I sold the picture? For me these are moments that pass through, like postcards, and are just a small part of her mark in my life. I needed to let it go.

Private collection

"She Says She Did, But She Forgets So Much"

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