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Coventry Open 2016 - The Herbert Gallery

A cat catching his dinner on the beach of Anchor Head, Weston-Super-Mare.

This picture is called "I Shall Not Be Home Till Late".

It takes its title from the postcard above which is sold attached to the back of the picture.



I am very pleased to say that both of these pictures have now sold and will be making their way to their new homes after the exhibition finishes on the 12th of June.
I will miss them - one gets strangely attached!

These two lovely ladies are taking a turn in Eastbourne.

Entitled "This Is An Ideal Place For Exploring" from its corresponding postcard.

I particularly enjoyed putting the eggy stain down the picture from the eggshell sun. It put me in mind of the changeable weather on a British beach, raining on one bit, sunny on another... take a look at the woman in the bottom left corner, she has her umbrella up... but the woman and child, bottom middle,  are they sheltering under the duck? Too bemused to notice the rain? Or is it just not raining there?


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