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This picture gets its name from my all time favourite postcard.


I came across a set of postcards

primarily sent between Freddy and  his fiancée Maggie. This particular postcard was sent from Freddy’s sister Kitty to Maggie (Miss Smith).


Dear Ebenezer,


You ain’t nearly such a nice girl as my brother Freddy is a nice boy. You mean little hussy, I put in a week. Ugh! I’m surprised at you.

Oh Margaret you ought to have been at the M.O.O today, all the French went past, they are a wicked lot, they all turned and starred at our building, threw kisses, bowed, waved their hands. I was sitting on the window sill, V nearly topped out in my excitement. I laughed until the tears ran down my face, Oh! They do love us. I suppose it was enough to make them look, a four storey building, 20 heads out of each window.


Love from Kitty

"You Ain't Such a Nice Girl as Freddy is a Nice Boy"

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